Sometime last week, I was walking along the street. In Nasarawa state in case you wondered what this state is when I saw a very old man who should have been resting and “reaping the fruits of his labour”.
But no. He was struggling to push a water truck. He was a “meruwa” (truck water seller/pusher in Northern Nigeria).

At that age.
And I thought to myself…”what could have gone wrong?
What could he have done that he did not do?
Why was he pushing trucks for a living at that age?
What went wrong?
Now checking statistics of billionaires worldwide, discover that these are very young persons. They all made decisions at some point. At some very early point of their lives .
Most at times, our today’s decisions are pushed away. We want to do something big but we stall and keep stalling. We do not take those actions today. We put off taking important decisions for later. We wait for when it’s more convenient, We don’t push and leave our comfort zones.
We wait for a later.
What if we don’t get our later?

What if NOW is all we get?
What if all we have is NOW to make it better?
Suddenly, we are old, all gray, with fragile bones like babies again, and not so energetic as we used to be.
What happened to NOW?

NOW is the best time to retrace our steps and seize every opportunity, while making those decisions.

What if we tried to improve this moment and not wait for tomorrow?
What if we actually made hay while the sun shines?
Go out, meet that person, be with that person,talk to that girl, listen to that guy, submit that proposal, start with that small capital because you don’t even know if you’ll get the next moment. Sing that song,let your voice be heard. Don’t let any moment pass you by.
Don’t stall.
Let’s not allow this phase end in “what ifs”.

Anatomy Of Life

Our decisions determines our actions and these actions that we take become the habits we form. These habits form our character and defines who we are completely. These actions makes us proud or shame us as well.

As your habits form your character, you can’t overrule them from whoever you become. Character leads to one’s destination. Either good or bad, but you’ll get somewhere. So which is it going to be for you? A positive character takes one to the right destination.

And at destination, we succeed.

And when you succeed, irrespective of being tight fisted or not, people get blessed. And what joy it is to bless others!

Be conscious in making good decisions.

Be deliberate in upholding a good character and you just sit back and relax and watch the lines fall in pleasant places for you.

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